Dungeon Travelers 2 Calendar Pre-Order Bonus

While NIS America are bringing the somewhat scandalous Dungeon Travelers 2 to Europe, ATLUS are the ones giving it a go in America. They’ve taken it upon themselves to unveil an equally as scandalous pre-order calendar. Whether or not NIS America will follow suit in Europe is unclear, but it will be coming physically to Europe — so we’re in with a chance.


DT2_GlamShot Dungeon Travelers 2 Calendar


Keeping with recent ATLUS traditions, pre-order and a limited quantity of launch editions of the game will come with “The Ladies of Dungeon Travelers 2 2015-2016 Calendar” — a 17-month calendar featuring hand-drawn art of the game’s warriors (all of which are female)!

“The Ladies of Dungeon Travelers 2 2015-2016 Calendar” is at its best when it’s horizontal…because it’s laid out in landscape format to best showcase the girls responsible for cleansing the world of Romulea from evil! And just like the game, you can go ahead and assume that the calendar is rated M as well.

2015-03-27-115510 Dungeon Travelers 2 Calendar


That’s right — the calendar will be rated “M”. But with how weird America can be with rating sexiness vs. violence the jury is still out on just how “sexy” the calendar may in fact be. It might strike some as an odd choice, but given the tone and the atmosphere of the game it seems like an appropriate bit of marketing to me. With that said, it’s not something I would be putting up on the wall in my own flat. How about you?


Will you be pre-ordering?



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