The Last Guardian Release Date Announced at E3, New Trailer

Considering the previous game in the last series, the excellent Shadow of the Colossus, came out in 2004, the fact we are finally getting a The Last Guardian release date still feels a little surreal. But along with a new trailer, Sony revealed that The Last Guardian will release on PlayStation 4 super soon — 25th October 2016.



The game is looking super good, but my little heart still can’t really believe it’s actually happening. When it gets closer I think I’ll be able to accept it more easily.


The Last Guardian Release Date 1


This trailer reveals a little bit more about the game and its world. We get a first look at another dog-bird creature, and this one doesn’t look so friendly. But just who IS the last guardian?


The Last Guardian Release Date 2


The Last Guardian releases on PlayStation 4 on the 25th October 2016.


The Last Guardian Release Date 3

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