Latest Switch update makes image transfers easier

 Latest Switch update makes image transfers easier

Nintendo have released a new update for the Switch, and this one does more than just improve ‘general system stability’.

There are a few additions in this update, but by the most useful by far are the ones related to transferring screenshots and gameplay clips.

Whereas before you had to copy them over via a micro SD card or through social media, there are a couple of more convenient options. Now, it’s possible to transfer photos wirelessly to your phone or tablet, or just connect the Switch directly to a PC via USB.

Not only is this faster, the amount of photos you can transfer at once is higher than what was possible via uploading to social media.

There are a couple of smaller changes as well, including automatic cloud save downloads, and some new profile icons for Mario’s 35th anniversary.

It’s a good update overall, though it would have been nice if these features were available from launch. That, and the Switch still doesn’t have folder support for some reason…

Isaac Todd
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