Learn How To Draw Totoro Quickly With Studio Ghibli Producer

Stuck inside with nothing but time on your hands? Why not give some drawing a shot? Where better to start than learning how to draw Totoro from a Studio Ghibli producer?

Toshio Suzuki has uploaded a video onto YouTube, demonstrating how he draws Totoro in less than a minute. I’d encourage everyone to follow along at home by drawing Totoro from memory before, and then copying what Suzuki-san does in this video. The video is in Japanese but you’ll be able to follow along without understanding the language, especially with the help of translated subtitles, which you can turn on in the video settings.

For reference, here is my before and after attempt, bask in its glory:

I mean, it’s still terrible – but at least it looks a bit more like Totoro and less like a horrifying cat creature. I’m sure you guys can do better than me, so I’d love to see your Totoro drawings, just tweet us at @RiceDigital!

Want more Totoro? You can visit a life-size version in Japan!

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