Let’s Play Blue Reflection: Second Light!

We love us some Blue Reflection: Second Light, so we do, as will hopefully be clear from our review last week and our article on its excellent LGBT representation.

But perhaps you still want to know how it looks and feels to play! Well, never fear, ’cause your Editor was all too keen to jump on the opportunity to play some more of this wonderful game and explain a bit more about its various delights. On camera, no less.

If you’re concerned about spoilers, fear not — we’ve deliberately taken this slice of gameplay from a part of the game that isn’t all that narrative-heavy. Between major story beats in Blue Reflection: Second Light, there tend to be periods of gameplay where you have a bit of freedom to interact with characters, take on sidequests, craft things and just level up your gals before they take on their next challenge.

The only minor spoilers in the video are the presence of a few characters who aren’t there at the start of the narrative, plus a few little vague hints about one of said characters’ personal stories. There are no revelations about the “big plot”, though, nor about the deepening relationships between the characters — we’ll save all that for you to discover for yourself.

What this video will provide is a look at most of the game’s major systems: interacting with others, crafting, building facilities, exploration and battling. And you should come away with a good idea of how the game as a whole unfolds! Which is, you know, nice.

Blue Reflection: Second Light

If you want to know a bit more about Blue Reflection: Second Light as a whole, be sure to check out our in-depth review of the game, and our article about its excellent handling of LGBT+ characters. We’ll also be diving deep into the narrative and its themes in fully spoileriffic fashion very soon — so those of you who enjoy some in-depth character and plot analysis should check back when that’s posted for some deep reading funtimes!

And if you’re not sure what this Blue Reflection thing is all about, here’s a little about the first game in this wonderful series and its spin-off anime Blue Reflection Ray.

Enjoy the video, and we’ll be back with more next Monday. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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