Let’s play Clockwork Aquario!

Clockwork Aquario, as we saw last week, is a high-profile example of not just video game preservation, but active video game restoration.

The teams at Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games, working with former Westone employees including Wonder Boy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, have been working hard to rebuild this game from the ground up so that a modern audience can enjoy it for the first time.

So let’s go enjoy it, shall we?

As you’ll see from our gameplay video, Clockwork Aquario is a side-scrolling action platformer in which one or two players battle against hordes of clockwork foes in an attempt to thwart the evil Dr. Hangyo’s plans for world domination.

Gameplay combines elements of side-scrolling platform games with the multi-step kill process found in many single-screen platform games from the ’90s, such as Bubble Bobble, Rod Land and the like. With three playable characters and a selection of ways to tweak your experience, this is an arcade-style game that will keep you busy for a while — and keep you coming back in an attempt to beat your high scores or achieve that elusive one-credit clear.

Clockwork Aquario

Clockwork Aquario is available now on the European Switch eShop and PlayStation Store, and it’s coming to North American players on December 14, 2021. Strictly Limited Games has also confirmed that it is in the process of shipping out the physical versions of the game, too, so if you’ve ordered one of those, fingers crossed you’ll get it before Christmas. If you haven’t ordered yet and want one, some of the available editions are still on sale.

In the meantime, enjoy the gameplay video, and check out our full article on the game if you want to know a bit more!

Pete Davison
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