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Still struggling to get into Final Fantasy XIV after the release of Endwalker? You’re not alone. In fact, Square Enix have suspended sales and advertising of the game in an attempt to calm things down a bit after a launch that apparently exceeded all expectations — and which is still causing a lot of people significant problems!

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Thankfully, we’re not exactly short of alternative Final Fantasy action to enjoy in the meantime — and with Final Fantasy XIV being as “series fanservicey” as it is, taking the time to play through those past installments provides a great opportunity to refresh your memory on some of the series’ most significant moments.

Today in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, after our adventures in the Marsh Cave, we pay a visit to dear old Matoya and kick off a chain of events that results in us getting a whole bunch of treasure to line our pockets with.

Getting the Mystic Key is a significant moment in Final Fantasy, as it means that a bunch of locked doors you’ve seen prior to this moment are suddenly accessible. As such, it’s actually a good idea to backtrack to a lot of the places you’ve previously visited and see what stuff you can acquire.

While there are a few items that seem like they’ve been put in there to troll players — the single Antidote in one of the Marsh Cave chests behind a Mystic Key door felt particularly galling — there’s also some powerful equipment to be had. Just the thing to buff up a flagging party ahead of their next adventure!

The Mystic Key is also essential to progression, since it provides access to the Nitro Powder, found in Castle Cornelia. Taking this to the dwarves allows them to blow a big ol’ hole in the landscape, providing access to the world outside the central sea you’re initially confined to.

It’s a good example of how despite the fact Final Fantasy can sometimes feel a bit more open and even directionless than its successors, it still takes care to pace the player’s progression carefully and, for the most part, ensure that they don’t end up anywhere they shouldn’t be too early.

Next time, it’s on to Melmond — and the first steps towards lighting one of the crystals!

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