Let’s Play Gal*Gun Double Peace!

With the very welcome announcement last week that Gal*Gun Double Peace is coming to Nintendo Switch, we thought it high time we revisited this cheeky classic and enjoyed some Pheromone Shot action.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing today — and don’t worry if you’re new to the world of Gal*Gun or Double Peace specifically, as we’re only playing Score Attack mode. No story spoilers ahead, in other words!

Gal*Gun Double Peace is the second entry in the Gal*Gun series, but it was first to be released in the west thanks to the sterling efforts of Matt Papa from developer Inti Creates. Papa felt that the game would go down well with western audiences and also genuinely believed it was a great game — which it is — and thus pushed hard to get it localised.

Long story short, it did indeed go down well with western audiences, and thus both third game Gal*Gun 2 and remake of first game Gal*Gun Returns (which ended up being the third to be released in the west, are you keeping up?) came straight to our shores with no further convincing required.

Gal*Gun Double Peace’s release on Nintendo Switch means that the “Horny Trinity” of three games will finally be available as a physical release on a single platform for the first time — previously, Gal*Gun Double Peace was only available physically on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and digitally on PC.

Gal*Gun Double Peace Ultimate Horny Trinity Edition

To celebrate that fact, our friends at Funstock have just put up two very special editions for preorder: the Ultimate Horny Trinity Edition comes with all three Nintendo Switch Gal*Gun games plus a bunch of extra goodies, while the Double Peace Horny Trinity Edition comes with just Double Peace, plus the same extra goodies and a slipcase to put the Gal*Gun games you already own in.

Basically, if you’re yet to jump on the Gal*Gun train, now you have very little excuse not to. So come on in, the water’s… actually, it smells a bit funny. Who did that? Kurona?!

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