Let’s Play Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars!

Are you subscribed to our YouTube channel? We’ve been a bit quiet for a little while due to a simple lack of time to get things done, but that’s all changing!

Every Monday, we’re posting a Let’s Play based on something we’ve written about recently, giving you the opportunity to actually see how these things look in motion and get a feel for how they play. And this week, it’s the turn of Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars, the long-awaited crossover between two of the most beloved modern Japanese series — and a game which we liked a great deal.

In Neptunia x Senran Kagura, we follow the action in yet another parallel dimension of the Neptunia series — one in which our favourite goddesses are locked in a fierce rivalry with their neighbouring “Marveland”. But the longstanding rivals will have to team up when the deadly forces of the Steeme Legion invade… what will they do?

We’ll try and keep spoilers to a minimum in videos where possible — you’ll want to play a lot of these games for yourself, after all! — so this week’s Neptunia x Senran Kagura video focuses entirely on the gameplay side of things, for example.

You can also expect to see some other occasional bits and pieces on the channel now and then, too, like our recent Tokyo Treat Taste Test video, seen below. If people send us nice stuff, we’re certainly not going to keep it to ourselves! (You can’t have any of those blueberry Heartful Pocky, though; those are mine.)

Watch out for some unboxing videos of the latest and greatest Japanese games, too — some of those limited editions are really, really lovely and well worth sharing with you all — so we’re going to do just that!

We are, of course, also open to suggestions — so feel free to let us know what else you’d like to see on the channel, particularly games you’d like to see more of.

Neptunia x Senran Kagura

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