Let’s Play Pretty Girls Panic Plus!

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Every Monday, we’re hosting a Let’s Play based on something that we’ve written about or played recently, giving you (yes, you) the opportunity to see the game in action as well as just reading about it. Now that’s some next-gen multimedia Web shit, I’m sure you’ll agree. This week it’s the turn of Pretty Girls Panic Plus, the latest fruit of the union between eastasiasoft and Zoo Corporation — and a game that provides plenty of casual, sexy fun for those times when you just want to zone out with a simple game.

There are several Pretty Girls Panic games available at this point, with Pretty Girls Panic Plus being probably the most full-featured and interesting take on the formula. Based on the classic “Gals Panic” formula — which in turn was a spin-off of Taito’s venerable Qix — the Pretty Girls Panic games challenge you to do nothing more than draw lines and capture territory. Oh, and avoid increasingly ridiculous amounts of enemies who want nothing more than to stop your efforts, of course.

We liked Pretty Girls Panic Plus a lot when we wrote about it — and hopefully that comes across when we’re playing it, too!

Pretty Girls Panic Plus

As noted above, you can expect new gameplay videos on the channel each Monday, plus other bits and pieces as and when we have the time and opportunity to include them. Be sure to check out our taste test of Tokyo Treat’s box of goodies, for example, along with a look at the contents of the Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Edition limited box set.

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