16 unintentionally lewd Pokemon moments

Over the years, one thing has been consistent with the Pokemon series – and that’s its capacity for delivering hilarious, unintentionally lewd Pokemon moments. Surely, SURELY these can’t all be accidents?


Somewhere in Pokemon HQ, I like to think that a rogue element is slipping these moments into their games for us to find. An entire department who’s sole job is to quality control those unintentionally lewd Pokemon moments. Not too filthy, not too lewd, but juuuuust right.


Here we’ve complied the top 16 unintentionally lewd Pokemon screenshots for you. If you find any in the latest Switch releases (and we all know they must be there) then please share in the comments below!


lewd pokemon 1

Lets start off with the classics shall we? And no unintentionally lewd Pokemon screenshot is as classic as this one. It’s the original, the old classic. ‘El Classico‘, if you will.


lewd pokemon 2

Same goes for ‘Onix and Cloyster’ – though is it just me that still has nightmares about this one?


lewd pokemon 3

Straight from Japan’s Nintendo direct. Lewd, yes, but the real question here is just WHO is squirting WHO?


lewd pokemon 4

If only life was so simple.


lewd pokemon 5

The key to a fulfilling love life it to adequately communicate enjoyment with your partner. As demonstated by Machoke.


lewd pokemon 7

So THAT’S what we’re calling it now?


lewd pokemon 8

We should not be doing this.

For the love of GOD, we should not be doing this!


lewd pokemon 9

Yes, okay, when I said ‘unintentionally’, I was actually ‘joking’. Okay… ‘lying’.


lewd pokemon 9

See, Nintendo? This is why you should never be allowed to rename your Pokemon.


lewd pokemon 10

“Well, er… gee… Ma’am that’s, er… that’s too much information”.


lewd pokemon 11

“Though I guess, not entirely unusual?”


lewd pokemon 12

I’m sorry, WHAT gets stuck to your behind now?


lewd pokemon 14

Not a single one of those Mareep look happy. NOT A SINGLE ONE.


lewd pokemon 15

Oh, not YOU TOO Wobbufet?!


lewd pokemon 16

“If you know what I mean.”


lewd pokemon 17

Kukui’s terrifying love shack.


lewd pokemon 18

Now. THAT. is. LEWD.


I think that’s enough lewd pokemon screenshots for one day. However, if you’re still hankering for a dose of sexy Pokemon action then why not check out these lovely Pokemon cosplays I compiled or the much less sexy, but still very relevant to your tastes 23 Pokmemon Gifs which reflect the human condition.


So that’s it from me. I’ll probably resurface again when I think of something else ridiculous to post.

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