Libra of the Vampire Princess English Kickstarter Passes 60% Funding, 14 Days To Go

MiKandi Japan, the Japanese publishers of XERO’s Libra of the Vampire Princess bishoujo Visual Novel, are hoping to make the game available in English too. The Kickstarter has already been fairly successful, reaching just over $78k so far of its $125 goal, just passing 60% with 14 days left to go.




It’s make or break time for the project, so be sure to back it if it looks like your kind of thing. Don’t forget, you’re only charged if the project is funded, so there’s no harm in pledging early. It’s important with these kinds of releases to really show that the audience is here in the west. Take a look at the English gameplay preview below:



“Libra” is a moe love story filled with fun and comedy, wrapped in a chunibyou style, vampire-battling universe. You play the main character, Shuma Kusanagi, as he struggles to uncover a secret about his birth after being bitten by a two thousand year old vampire.

Immerse yourself in a vast world with over 50 hours of gameplay and nearly 1 million Japanese characters (the equivalent of 8 light novels).

photo-original Libra of the Vampire Princess English


Libra of the Vampire Princess is just one of many Kickstarters for English language versions of Visual Novels. Being such text rich games it’s a big investment to translate them, considering most of them are viewed as niche games. It makes sense to make sure the audience is there to warrant funding it, as long as people are able to keep up with the Kickstarters!

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