She Likes Tea & Old Gramaphones: Chisato Shinjo Might be the Toughest Tutoring Challenge Yet

 She Likes Tea & Old Gramaphones: Chisato Shinjo Might be the Toughest Tutoring Challenge Yet

We’ve already been teased with bits and pieces of Chisato Shinjo. As in, in a PR sort of way, not a horrific hostage/kidnap situation. Summer Lesson‘s latest expansion adds a third girl to the actually-quite-sweet-natured VR tutoring game. And she might be the toughest 7 day tutoring challenge you’ve faced yet.



I actually really like this new TGS trailer. Not just because the visuals are on point and Chisato seems like she has an interesting personality, but also because the vocabulary is pretty simple for a Japanese beginner. “Thank you for the fun time, Sensei”.


Sure, the Asia English language version of these games are cool, but maybe try Japanese too. This could be a pretty good learning tool, actually.



Chisato Shinjo is from a rich family, and it shows in her personality, which might make her a bit more of a challenge to tutor. She’s a little prickly, and will sometimes even dress you down a little — demanding you do as she says because you’re the one being paid for your time.


If you cross her she will literally stab you through the gut with an antique sword, which is pretty messed up, actually.


As usual, the goal of being a good tutor isn’t simply taking your students through curriculum, but also helping them grow as people.


How the 7 days of tutoring will pan out with Chisato will pan out is anyone’s guess, but no doubt a successful tutoring session will see you helping her come out of her shell a little bit.


This is probably terrifying in VR.


Summer Lesson: Chisato Shinjo – Seven Days of Etude comes out in Japan on 12th October 2017 on PlayStation 4. In addition to Japanese, there’s usually an English Asia version available at a later date from elsewhere.


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