Little Busters Coming West November 1st

Celebrating the 10th year anniversary, Little Busters! will finally get a long-awaited western release on November 1st this year. While the game had a fan patch this is the first time it will have an official release in English, thanks to VisualArts.



Created by the famous Key who brought us Kanon, Air and Clannad, the story follows Naoe Riki a boy who lost his parents. He soon meets a group of four girls called the Little Busters who he quickly befriends. The group has been friends ever since and now in their high school years they decided to make a baseball team and enjoy their youth.


This version will feature a number of notable improvements including HD visuals, touchscreen support, a Busterpedia which covers Japanese culture references, and easy swapping between Japanese and English text, perfect for those who want to study the language. The game will be available on Steam for $34.99.



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