Little girls who give birth to sweets

File this one under ‘scary’. There’s a Manga in Japan – which I’m assuming is a doujin, though I’m not sure – which features little girls who give birth to sweets. Yes, SWEETS. There’s a catch though – they can only do it if they happen to wet themselves (of course!) and the sweets and snackie cakes have magical properties.


Called Tenshi no Drop or ‘Angel’s Drop’ – it features two girls – Shinobu and Botan. These girls meet a third, Unchan who call’s herself an angel. But Unchan is no normal angel – she has the power to give birth to these sweets or ‘angel’s eggs’ which just happen to look like confectionary.


Tenshi no Drop


‘Somehow’  – and I don’t really want to know how exactly – Shinobu and Botan end up eating these eggs and end up having the same ability. The three girls now have the ability to give birth to these sweets when they wet themselves – and at an alarming rate I might add.


The reason behind all this? Turns out once they give birth to Ten Thousand – all their dreams will come true.


As if that wasn’t enough – there’s going to be a anime of it. You can check out the trailer below!


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