Little Witch Nobeta adds console versions, releasing by April 2022

Pupuya Games and Simon Creative have shared more info on the development progress of their early access title Little Witch Nobeta, revealing multiple new ports and a tentative release window.

In the update, the developers reiterated that the next milestone for the game will be its full release, rather than working on multiple smaller updates over time — something you’d typically see for Steam early access games.

Little Witch Nobeta roadmap

A roadmap shared in the update post shows that Little Witch Nobeta is planned to release by April 2022 at the latest, but could release as early as November 2021 depending on how development progresses. PlayStation (unspecified, but probably PS4 at the very least) and Nintendo Switch releases are also planned for the game’s full launch.

In its current state, Little Witch Nobeta is a somewhat simplistic Souls-like that writer Lilia Hellal says “is sure to fill up your heart — be it due to rage or cuteness overload, or some confusing combination thereof.”

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