LocoRoco Remastered Rolls to PlayStation 4

The PlayStation Portable had its fair share of unique games and the colorful LocoRoco stands among the best of them. After LocoRoco Midnight Carnival the series has been left dormant, that is until now with LocoRoco Remastered for the PlayStation 4. 



Instead of controlling the plump blobs directly you tilt the whole screen guiding them through the perilous worlds in order to fight against the invaders and retake their peaceful planet. You start with a small number of your happy blooby friends but you soon collect a bunch of them. Throughout your adventure you will have to merge them into one big blob to get to higher places or split them up to traverse through tiny gaps. The whole upbeat adventure is perfect for everyone regardless of age and gender.



This remastered gem will be available in Europe and America starting May 9th, while Japan will have to wait until June 22nd. It will feature 4K visuals on PlayStation 4 Pro and a resolution of 1080p on the regular PlayStation 4. The game also now supports motion controls which should fit the gameplay perfectly.


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