A Look at Atelier Firis Characters

While Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book was just released in the west, Japan is already preparing for the next installment this fall titled Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey.




For the first time in the series players will be able to choose where they want to go, how they want to accomplish tasks and what they want to do, in the biggest world seen in an Atelier game.



Atelier Firis Characters - Firis


Firis Mistlud

Age: 15

Occupation: Alchemist


Our heroine lived in an underground mining town yearning to see the outside world. One day her wish was granted and she set out to explore the vast unknown world for the first time, equipped with her newfound knowledge of alchemy. The only condition is that she must become a full-fledged alchemist in one year.



Atelier Firis Characters - Liane


Liane Mistlud

Age: 18

Occupation: Hunter


Liane is Firis’ older sister. She was one of the few people that were allowed to leave town. Since she cares deeply for her sister she tags along with her.



Atelier Firis Characters - Ilmeria


Ilmeria Von Leinweber

Age: 15

Occupation: Alchemist

Since both Ilmeria and Firis want to become full-fledged alchemists there is a rival between these two characters. At times she can be selfish like a child but she is usually very diligent and hardworking.



Atelier Firis Characters - Revy


Revy Berger

Age: 24

Occupation: Swordsman

This wandering swordsman travels the land seeking strength. He is on a constant lookout for better weapons and tools. Despite his intimidating appearance his is quite good at household chores.



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