Lord of Vermilion III to Place BlazBlue Characters alongside Attack on Titan and Magic: The Gathering

Lord of Vermilion III is the upcoming expansion to Think Garage’s popular arcade CCG series published by Square Enix. In the past the game has been known to feature cameos from characters from other series, but this one really looks like it’s going to take the cake!


Ragna the Bloodedge already put in an appearance in Lord of Vermilion II, and this time Tsubaki and Rachel from BlazBlue will be joining the party. They’ll be starring alongside Eren Yeager and Levi from Attack on Titan and also Jace Beleren and Garruk from Magic: The Gathering. Pretty weird!


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I always love big crossover stuff like this. It reminds me of a more low-key Jump Ultimate Stars but more CCG based. Which just sounds incredibly awesome!


lovtl01 lovtl03


Keep an eye on this one! Lord of Vermilion III looks like it could be really great!


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