Lost Judgment opening unveiled

Sega has revealed the opening cinematic for Lost Judgment, titled “蝸旋 (Rasen)”.

The opening is performed by jon-YAKITORY and Ado, with the Sega of America YouTube upload (which is age restricted, unlike the Japanese video) featuring an English translation for the lyrics.

Lost Judgment’s opening makes use of a darker colour palette compared to the original Judgment, being set mostly during a rainy night. From what we know of the game so far — and what was revealed via rumours earlier in the year — this is going to be a darker game than its predecessor.

Lost Judgment is launching September 24, 2021 worldwide for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Unlike the Yakuza series, which is now available fully on PC (excluding spin-offs), the Judgment series has never made its way to the platform. This might be due to the first game being available on Stadia, hinting at a timed exclusivity deal before it can come to Steam and the Windows Store.

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