New Lost Judgment trailer partially reveals English voice cast

Sega has released another trailer for Lost Judgment, detailing part of the English voice cast for both new and returning characters.

We’ve already had a taste of Lost Judgment’s English dub since the game’s reveal earlier this year, but it’s good to have confirmation that the voice actors are still retaining their roles.

Greg Chun returns once again as protagonist Yagami, alongside Crispin Freeman as his trusty sidekick Kaito.

English VA cast announced so far:

  • Takayuki Yagami, Voiced by: Greg Chun
  • Akihiro Ehara, Voiced by: Artt Butler
  • Masaharu Kaito, Voiced by: Crispin Freeman
  • Saori Shirosaki, Voiced by: Stephanie Sheh
  • Jin Kuwana, Voiced by:Todd Haberkorn
  • Kazuki Soma, Voiced by: Matt Y. King
  • Yoko Sawa, Voiced by: Erika Lindbeck
  • Toru Higashi, Voiced by: Steve Blum

Judgment’s dub was solid, and everything shown so far points towards this being the case for the sequel as well. Unfortunately, the lip syncing wont be quite as smooth this time due to the game launching globally on the same day — though I bet most would agree that this is a decent compromise compared to a longer wait for Lost Judgment in the west.

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