Lost Soul Aside returns with new gameplay trailer

 Lost Soul Aside returns with new gameplay trailer

Lost Soul Aside, the ambitious action RPG by developer UltiZeroGames, has reappeared once again, this time with an 18 minute gameplay trailer.

First surfacing back in 2016, Lost Soul Aside ended up becoming part of Sony’s China Hero Project, which helps fund indie projects for PlayStation consoles. Since then, the game has made a handful of appearances, mainly through short trailers.

The latest trailer is our first look at this ambitious title in more that two years, and it seems like the particle effects have been dialled up even further since the last video.

Lost Soul Aside’s gameplay bears more than a few similarities to certain Japanese titles, including Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy XV. In fact, Cody Matthew Johnson, the composer behind Dante’s theme song in Devil May Cry V, confirmed that he is working with UltiZeroGames to produce music for the game.

There’s still no release date for Lost Soul Aside, meaning that it could be a few more years before it reappears. Despite this, the game is still planned for release on PS4, alongside PS5 and PC.

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