Lost Sphear Guide Walkthrough – Chapter 1: Elgarthe Town

Turns out the Prologue was some sort of dream being had my Kanata, your main guy in Lost Sphear. Someone is calling for him to get out of bed. But before that help yourself to 3 x ETHER from the chest near his bed. That’s where I keep my ether too.



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Outside you’ll meet Lumina, your obligatory childhood friend. She’s a fierce warrior fighter who uses her fists. You both need to meet up with someone else called Locke, and head to the Elder’s House. Going to the Elder’s House is actually the thing you can do, though.


Lumina also lets you know you can use the R button to talk to the party, which will always prompt you as to what you need to do next. Sometimes a little vague, usually the more you talk to them the dialogue will cycle to being a bit more helpful.



You can begin to explore the town at your leisure now. You’ll be able to see sparkling items on the ground from some distance. Sometimes these are set items, but most of these are actually randomized, so look around everywhere. Leaving and returning will make more sparkle items spawn.


You’ll eventually get to an Inn, locations in the game where you can rest the party for a fee and buy food and cook meals. Selecting “Seek Ingredients” will have Ghover request ingredients from you to cook a “Gaia Salad”.



North of here is a hill with a staircase with a big bell. You don’t really need to do anything here yet.


Over the bridge you’ll find another town regular structure, a shop containing both an Armory, and a Magic Consortium. You can buy weapons, armour, items, and skills (magic, basically) from these places. You don’t really need anything at this point.



The street alongside the Armory has a chest just out in the open containing 2 x S POTION. The most basic healing item in the game, but it heals a fair amount for a lot of the game’s length. These are a better investment than M POTIONS for most of the game to be honest.


The next street along that goes to the elder’s house has a house you can enter on the left with a nice chest that contains 2 x PHOENIX TEARS. The Phoenix Downs of the game, these revive party members with a slither of health, and are pretty handy.



Follow either road North and there’s a big house, which is the elder’s house. You need to talk to Elder Pheyla inside, and she’ll progress the story, asking you to take care of rumours of monsters in the town. She also doesn’t know where Locke is. The first thing she needs you to do is to ring that big bell to warn the villagers.


This is the big bell from before, so cross back across the bridge and head north to reach it. This time you’ll find Locke on the way there – another childhood friend. He’s the comic relief one who always wants to eat and that kind of thing. You know the type.



With Locke in the party you can now head on up to the bell and ring it. Head back south to the main part of town and you’ll enter a cutscene where you encounter a monster. A really cute monster that doesn’t look threatening at all. But you’ll kill it anyway, and not even as part of a controlled fight.


Report back to the elder (there’s a fair amount of walking around in this game), and she’ll thank the trio of young friends for their work. Locke is still hungry, so Kanata suggests they go fishing (guess he loves to fish like Noctis from FFXV).



Go back across the bridge (where you’ll encounter an ominous bit of foreshadowing) and head south to find the exit to Elgathe Town. You can actually leave the town now, but not before a cutscene has Locke run off ahead to Hush Grove, which is where you need to go next.


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