Lost Sphear Guide Walkthrough – Prologue: The Man Called King

Welcome to the game, the wonderful spiritual follow-up to I Am Setsuna from the small team Tokyo RPG Factory, part of Square Enix. Starting the game you’ll immediately be asked what difficulty you want to play on. Obviously, “Normal” is par for the course, but there’s “Easy” and “Hard” too.


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Easy promises more exp, money, and drops, as well as enemies just being easier. You can change this at any time to help you through hard fights if you want to just get through the game, so adjust it for you.



The Prologue throws you right into it with a fight against a mysterious mech. It doesn’t really explain much as it’ll go over this later, but it pushes you to just basically win. Just hit away at him until he falls. Spells do more damage.


After a short while you’ll be forced into a Vulcosuit to get a quick taste of Vulcosuit gameplay. Essentially it’s a powered up, limited use form for party members (but more on this later). Just keep hitting the enemy mech.



Quite quickly the story continues, and it drops some lore about the moon (this is important). Then the story skips forward quite some time into the future.


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