More Love R gameplay has been released and boy does it make me feel uncomfortable

It takes quite a lot to phase me these days, but I have to admit the latest batch of Love R gameplay from Kadokawa makes me feel a little… uncomfortable.  As you probably (or shoudl that be ‘should’) know by now there;s nothign remotely sexy in these bit of Love R footage – it’s really not that kind of game.


But I have to say there’s something a bit… odd… about it all. Maybe it’s my advancing years – but even though the sexiness level is super low, you are still photographing pictures of high school girls.


Interested? Of course you are. Start watching that sweet, sweet Love R gameplay (of Kasumi btw) below!



FYI, once the video below hit 5:18, I legit cough-choked Diet Coke out though my nose which was… unpleasant. This video’s kinda cool because you can see the layout of the school and everything


What am I even saying?!



And for those of you who ever wanted to take photos in Gym class – then knock yourselves out…



Will I be buying this game? Yes, of course I will. That Minoboshi Taro artwork sells it alone. We can all just imagine it’s like some kind of Root letter offshoot. Shame it’s not on Switch, but… you know… can’t have everything.


Still want more? Here, have some screenshots.


Love R Gameplay - 1


Love R Gameplay - 3


Love R Gameplay - 2

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