LUCAH Kickstarter A Nightmarish Action RPG

LUCAH is an action RPG with an unsettling yet refreshing art style, where you explore an unnerving world while fighting against the creepy nightmares that lurk about. The game is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding.




It takes queue from Dark Souls. You will have to closely monitor your stamina, as everything from dashing to attacking depletes it. While the protagonist is nimble he is also very very fragile – just couple of strikes are enough to bring him down.


LUCAH still has a way to go to hit its asking $20,000 sum. As of the time of writing this the Kickstarter has managed to get just over $13,000 with 11 days remaining. If you are intrigued by what you see you can try out the playable demo on or via Game Jolt. According to the developers the game should be out in mid-2018 for PC, Mac and Linux.




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