Malaysia Banning Fight of Gods, Combos Too Hype?

We recently reported on the launch of the Steam Early Access fighting game by Digital Crafter, Fight of Gods. In addition to fighters like Zeus and Odin, it also includes the likes of Jesus, Buddha, and Moses. Malaysia’s MCMC has called for Steam to disable purchases of the game within Malaysia.



The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) have reached out to Steam demanding that the ability to purchase Fight of Gods be disabled “within 24 hours”. The MCMC is a government body. They have said that if Steam does not disable purchasing in Malaysia, then “further action will be taken”. This could seriously affect Malaysian players who want to train for the next EVO.


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Salleh Said Keruak, who is the MCMC’s Communications and Multimedia Minister, described the game as “a huge threat to racial unity and harmony” that “degraded religions and religious leaders”. Sounds like the words of someone who’s been stuck in a Jesus infinite combo loop. Ban this sick filth.



“It is in the public interest to ensure that immediate steps are taken so that such contents do not continue to harm others,” Keruak also stated. It is true that the game is harmful, as some of the combos we’ve seen have been absolutely devastating. What country doesn’t have to protect its people from these insane Anubis mummy loops into a command grab reset?



It appears that Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 makes “creating and spreading offensive content” an offence. It’s a pretty subjective definition, and worries around this idea and that it’s a “huge threat” to “unity” ignore some of the lessons we learned along the way.


Malaysia Banning Fight of Gods, Combos Too Hype? 2


Not just about button mashing, though. Since its early release, Fight of Gods has garnered a frankly insane amount of positive feedback. It’s ranked a 9/10 average on Steam at the moment, with “Very Positive” reviews.


Social media and video sharing / streaming sites have been ablaze with people sharing their love for this quirky, indie fighter. Yes, actually coming together with honest-to-goodness joy in their hearts over this pop culture religion inspired game that… celebrates multiple religions?


All depictions of the Gods in the game are, uh, actually pretty positive? Every religious figure represented has impressive combos and their own interesting little animations. And, more often than not for the average person, there’s probably a fighter represented who is from a culture you’re not familiar with and it could, you know, actually encourage broadening of the social consciousness? It’s not like one religion is really crowned superior at the end of the game, they merely end up destroying the non-religious entity “boss” that brought them together in the first place.



It seems like a bit of a knee jerk reaction that fuels the flames of controversy. To me, it seems to be missing the wood for the trees when it comes to bringing people together to enjoy something, and to learn about new cultures. But, it’s not my country. We’ll have to see how it pans out. If you want to buy the game and you live in Malaysia? Your time might be running out!


Fight of Gods is out now on Steam Early Access internationally. Well, for now at least.

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