Margaret unleashes destruction in her Persona 4 Arena: Ultra Ultimax Suplex Hold trailer

Atlus has released a gameplay trailer for Margaret, the strongest of the Velvet Room triplets, which shows that at least one character performs a suplex.
Margaret, both a Social Link and Velvet Room attendant in Persona 4 and Golden, has left the Velvet Room in her brother’s Theodore’s hands as she joins the fray to help Yu Narukami prevent a new threat. She had a bit of a thing for him in Persona 4, and promised that she’d help him where she could, so it’s nice to see her keep to her promise.

Looks like Elizabeth received a crash course in getting wrecked by her big sister. Margaret is a DLC character, and is likely to be free for the first week like Adachi and Marie are.
Persona 4 Arena: Ultra Ultimax Suplex Hold releases 30th September in North America, and it’s region-free so Europeans can import it.

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