Mario Golf: Super Rush’s first update arrives tomorrow, adds Toadette, New Donk City

Nintendo has scheduled Mario Golf: Super Rush‘s first update for August 6 (or later today if you’re in America). The main highlights are a new course and playable character.

Toadette is no stranger to Mario sports titles, and she’s back once again for some golf.

Meanwhile, New Donk City is an unorthodox course compared to some of the plain maps of the base game. There are lots of obstacles to avoid as you make your way through its streets.

Online ranked matches have been added as well, along with improved motion controls. Nintendo has also stated that more updates are planned for later this year, though no exact dates were given.

Mario Golf: Super Rush seems to be following a similar pattern to other multiplayer Nintendo titles: release with relatively little content, then patch in the rest for “free” later. It can work, though there’s a risk of the player base disappearing by the time more content is introduced.

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