Mario Maker Wishlist

After the latest Nintendo Direct, I am left very excited for the upcoming Wii U title Mario Maker. For those who don’t know, this game will allow you to create levels using the assets and graphic styles of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and the New Super Mario Bros. games.



Even if nothing else is added, this is something which I would definitely buy and am likely to be very satisfied with, but I imagine there is still more to come and so these are the things I would really like to see included in the game; either as things that will be revealed soon or as later DLC packs.


Super Mario Bros. 2
Having Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 included does make Super Mario Bros. 2 rather conspicuous by its absence. Generally this game seems to get ignored by the Mario series as a whole and I’d really like the chance to play more levels in its style; throwing around vegetables and Shy Guys, taking keys and running from Phantos. What’d be really great would be that people would incorporate Wart into new levels and he’d finally get his second Mario appearance. There’s a kind of exotic charm in Super Mario Bros. 2 that you just don’t get from other games. Plus, I hope Luigi, Peach and Toad will be playable and each be unique, as they were in this game.


Super Mario Bros. 2



Super Mario All-Stars
I think the best way to experience the four NES Super Mario Bros. games is in their All-Stars incarnations. All-Stars brought the graphics up from 8-bit to the much nicer 16-bit and re-did all the music, making it, by far, the definitive game for the classic Mario experience. If the art styles and music from these games are not available, it will be a huge missed opportunity.


All Stars



Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Amongst fans, this is probably one of the most popular 2D Mario games and it certainly has a very nice art style. One thing that concerns me is that implementation of the eggs and Baby Mario might prove a little difficult. If this game would be a problem (and, indeed, it has remained absent from the Virtual Console) then another Yoshi game should be used instead (perhaps Yoshi’s Story) or, at very least, I would like Yoshi to be playable on his own (and not just rideable).


Yoshi's Island



Donkey Kong Country (SNES Trilogy)
Honestly, if I were given a virtually limitless supply of SNES era Donkey Kong Country levels, I worry that I’d never get anything else done. Plus, as a child playing on the SNES, I always wondered what it would be like to mix the Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country styles together; I’d love stomping on Kremlings as Mario and riding through Goombas on Rambi as Donkey Kong. We’ve already seen that you can have Hammer Bros. in Super Mario World-style levels, even though Hammer Bros. did not appear in that game, and I hope we’ll get to see a lot more of that kind of thing; Mario creatures in the more realist Donkey Kong Country art style? Yes. A thousand times yes.


Donkey Kong Country



And Beyond
If the game does get DLC packs, and I think this is extremely probable, then maybe we’ll see some non-Mario inclusions? NES Remix has already given us things like Link going through levels from Super Mario Bros. so maybe we could be able to download things like NES Metroid or Zelda II assets? NES games, I would imagine, are easier to implement and so have a higher chance. We’ve seen that you can switch between art styles on a level, but I’d be perfectly fine with certain styles lacking this feature because they contain ‘incompatible’ elements. Whatever happens, this is currently one of my most anticipated games.






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