Mario Party Star Rush Box Reuses Spaghetti-O’s Assets, Most Delicious Game in Series

Nintendo announced a new Nintendo 3DS Mario Party game at E3 this year, Mario Party Star Rush. But what you may not know is that the Mario Party Star Rush box art cuts some delicious corners, as it actually appears to reuses an asset composition right off of a Mario themed Spaghetti-O’s can. Take a look!


Mario Party Star Rush Box Reuses Spaghetti-O's Assets 1


Mario Party Star Rush Box Reuses Spaghetti-O's Assets 1


The reuse of the artwork was initially spotted by Twitter user @starwindbliss, who said “I can’t believe [it]”.



In fairness to Nintendo it does look like the Spaghetti-O’s can is already using some pretty normal and common looking assets for Mario and the rest of the crew, but the composition itself is nearly exactly the same, with some of the characters lifted a little bit to fill out the space, and a dice hastily inserted over Mario’s hand.


Nintendo may or may not eventually change the artwork. But I don’t see why they should. After all, nothing makes a party a party quite like a Mario-themed can of Spaghetti-O’s or threes. I hope you like them cold though, because I literally have no gas or electric in my shack. Don’t ask me how I charge my 3DS. Bring your own can.

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