Mary Skelter 2 hits PC next year

Ghostlight has announced that it will be bringing Compile Heart’s DRPG Mary Skelter 2 to PC during 2022.

Mary Skelter 2 features many familiar characters from the first game who are once again trapped in The Jail, a living prison that feed on the humans trapped within.

As with previous versions of the game, this release also includes the remake of Mary Skelter: Nightmares, featuring updated mechanics taken from the sequel.

Rice Digital editor Pete considers the Switch version to be one of the best Japanese games for the platform, noting that the series has a much more positive reception than other Compile Heart franchises.

Aside from the release date, the other question that remains is whether all content from the Switch version will remain intact. While we never got the PS4 version in the west, in the regions it did release, the purging (rubbing) mini-game was removed. We’ve reached out to Ghostlight for comment and will update this article with any new info.

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