Meet The Phantom Thieves In The New Persona 5 Royal Trailer

We’re back at it again with another Persona 5 Royal trailer! This time, Atlus are introducing us to the Phantom Thieves, which is especially helpful for anyone who hasn’t played the base game. The trailer shows off new character Kasumi, along with all of our favourites from the original.


Catch the trailer:



So for anyone in the world who doesn’t know the Phantom Thieves at this point, there you go! You’ve now been introduced to current best girl Makoto, and potential future best girl Kasumi.


Persona 5 Royal releases March 31 on PlayStation 4, just a couple of weeks before Resident Evil 3 Remake and the recently delayed Final Fantasy 7 Remake, giving you just enough time to get through this monster of a game. Check out our constantly updating video game release calendar here!


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