Meet Sekai Project’s Official Mascot

 Meet Sekai Project’s Official Mascot

It has been three years since Sekai Project opened its doors to the world, bringing a large number of visual novels and doujin titles to the west. With their 3rd year anniversary they have decided to introduce the mascot, Sena Aozora who will stand for everything that the company strives to be.


Sena-chan is a tour guide who guides players into the world of games, visual novels and beyond. She was inspired by numerous trips through Japan where you could see similarly uniformed tour guides.


Sena-chan is illustrated by the artist zpolice. He worked on various light novels, card games, CD jacket designs and character designs. His achievements brought him the Gold Award in the 19th Dengeki Illustration Contest.


Meet Sekai Project's Official Mascot - Sena Aozora


Here is what Sekai Project has to say about their new mascot:


As Sekai Project continues to grow, it is hoped that Sena-chan will help guide fans to the wonderful titles and products we release, and at the same time we hope that her warm, friendly smile will become widely popular with everyone. We already have plans in place to utilize her more in upcoming promotional materials, so definitely look forward to seeing more of Sena Aozora very soon.”





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