Metal Max Xeon Announced – Mad Max meets Open World JRPG

The Metal Max is making a comeback in spring 2018 with the latest installment Metal Max Xeon for both PlayStation 4 and Vita. The series has been on a hiatus, with the previous titles being Metal Max 4 for the DS and a mobile spin-off Metal Max: Fireworks.



For those new to this crazy franchise, it has you driving various vehicles through a post-apocalyptic open world, all while engaging in typical JRPG turn-based combat.


The game is set in Death Tokyo in the year 209X. Humans now fight against sentient machines, sandworms, and robotic rhinos. You will be driving standard tanks, Jeeps and even mechanized spider tanks. The story follows Talis a human out for revenge against the machines that killed his parents and took his arm. He is accompanied by a girl called Toni and a skilled mechanic called Yokky.


Check out the trailer for the game which has some kickass guitar riffs from series composer Satoshi Kadokura.



There is still no word about a western release. Aside from a 2006 PlayStation 2 western release, the series never made its way outside of Japan. Considering that a lot of recent Kadokawa titles have been localized there still may be hope that this title might see the light of day in the west.


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