Mikagure School Suite Review (Anime)

Mikagure School Suite and I got off on the right foot where two students with magical powers were having an all-out battle, but then I’m quickly introduced to the irritating Eruna Ichinomiya who picks her what high school to attend based on a girl who she finds to be cute.


I’m also introduced to her cousin, Shigure Ninomiya, who’s first words include hitting on Eruna because it’s okay for cousins to have sex, apparently. Mikagure School Suite has an interesting premise in that the cultural clubs representatives of Mikagure Private School battle each other with the battles having an effect on club activities, student’s personal school lives and as part of exams but unfortunately, it doesn’t do a great job in explaining the show’s own concepts and the characters are more annoying than they are likeable — it even makes a pretty tasteless special needs joke in the second episode (followed by similar attempts at humour later), which its pretty easy to miss as it blends into the rest of the shows natural ability to provide zero laughs. I don’t believe in censoring humour but at least try to be funny rather than ‘hahaha, you aren’t what I think is normal so you must have special needs!’


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Mikagure School Suite has a fair few fluid, bombastic action scenes.

Mikagure School Suit looks pretty wonderful at least, making it a shame that Doga Kobo wasted their time on this when they could’ve potentially been working on a second season of the wonderful Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. Other than some notably still frames, Mikagure School Suite has a fair few fluid, bombastic action scenes and decent character designs which are bright and warm. The visuals are far more impressive than this series deserves and it’s shocking to see high quality animation squandered on a series this poor — Eruna may be an awful lead character but at least she’s only ugly on the inside.


Funimation saw Mikagure School Suite fit to dub in English and again, this is far from the most appalling aspect of the show. Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi are both excellent voice-actresses and whilst I can’t fault their performances here, I will mention that Monica does an incredible job in bringing to life the infuriating Eruna — she’s seemingly captured the character’s essence and whilst that’s a good thing, it does mean that Eruna is still Eruna which isn’t quite as good. The music is another aspect of the show that’s too good for what the show is with a catchy OP and ED, and the music on the main menu is particularly enjoyable to listen to.


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This is a bad show, plain and simple.

It’s not difficult to admit that I strongly dislike Mikagure School Suite and whilst it certainly has its good points, its let down by a universally abysmal cast of characters and a concept that seems to exist solely to introduce more characters that you’ll be wishing away. I might have to request time off of work to recuperate because Mikagure School Suite did a number on me and I almost feel bad for Anime Limited having to release this on behalf of Funimation. I can’t fault Anime Limited’s handling of the release in any way but that isn’t enough to excuse Mikagure School Suite’s attempt on my life. This is a bad show, plain and simple. Unless you’re buying this to support the publishers, animation studio or somebody else involved in creating the anime, which is based on a series of light novels, then you should give this one a berth so wide that you might find yourself miles away from any form of civilisation.

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