Missing Time Looks Like a Visual Novel Not to Be Missed

 Missing Time Looks Like a Visual Novel Not to Be Missed

Missing Time is an indie project by Fluttering Abyss Studio for PC. The game sounds similar to previous Visual Novel mystery games revolving around a suspicious small town while finding romance, such as the excellent WORLD END SYNDROME. The art style is impressively gorgeous, illustrated by different artistic talents such as Sydusarts, Winnetou-AD and illian. The game’s creators point to key elements of its plot consisting of horror, utsuge (depressing/sad), and story-driven choices. The game will feature four character routes, one secret route, and over 8 endings.

The plot follows the player protagonist returning to their childhood town where unfortunate events are plaguing the town, but the locals are ignoring the strange events. Polish your detective skills when investigating these suspicious events, and uncover who your friends and foes really are. Players can choose to turn a blind eye to experience their school life in blissful ignorance, or tread as carefully as they can as they investigate the mysteries surrounding their hometown and its residents.

The team have recently released a one ending version of their game for £5.00. There is currently no release date set, but those interested can support the team and stay updated on their project through their Kickstarter page. Be sure to check out Missing Time’s demo on their itch.io page.

Lilia Hellal
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