Mitch Jay’s Top 5 Moments of E3 2018

E3 2018 has been and gone, and it was a good one. A great one, even. And now I know you’re wondering what my top 5 E3 moments of 2018 were. Well, reader, aren’t you lucky? I’m going to share with you my list, and I’m not going to question it. Nuh uh. This is DEFINITIVE.


Let’s get straight into it. Not before I change my mind, because I wouldn’t do that, but before the list just changes itself for some bizarre reason. Anyway, let’s begin from the top!


Kingdom Hearts III Trailers


Frozen, Tangled and Pirates of the Caribbean were shown off as new and returning worlds, Aqua has been possessed by Xehanort, Sora can now freely swim and so much more good stuff was revealed to fans over the last few days. It’s looking beautiful, all of the content shown was dubbed into English and although it might’ve been delayed until late January, all that means is that I can dedicate all of my gaming time to it.


Don’t worry, I’m still excited for Resident Evil 2 but I’m hoping I can complete that before Kingdom Hearts III lands! I’m a die-hard fan of Disney and Final Fantasy, and this game is shaping up to be a dream come true. We’ve all waited so long for it and it’s nearly here!



Spider-Man Gameplay


A Western game? On a Japanese site?! Say it ain’t so! I’m a massive fan of the web-head and Insomniac are doing him great justice from what I’ve seen, and I’m obscenely excited to play it in September! The swinging, the quips, Yuri Lowenthal’s voice-acting and the wide variety of heroes are capturing the essence of who Spider-Man and Peter Parker are to me.


He’s successful in what he does, but he lets his personal life suffer because, of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and Spider-Man here is shown to taste defeat before the ringleader of the Sinister Six of this game appears. I assume it’s the Green Goblin because Spider-Man looks up and there’s a glow, so it could easily be his glider. Plus Osborn is in the game and he’s a very important hero for Spider-Man.There’re so many hints at other spider people and even more heroes and villains joining the fray, such as Black Cat in a future DLC, and this truly is set up to be the ultimate Spider-Man game.



Devil May Cry 5 Reveal


My knee-jerk reaction actually wasn’t one of excitement but having re-watched the trailer a few times, and seeing more information come out about it, I’m sold. Capcom aren’t afraid to age their characters and it’s clear that a lot has happened to Nero to cause his change in personality, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it is.


There are so many questions left unanswered from the fourth game and I’ve waited so long to know about them, so I’m very happy to see a true Devil May Cry sequel. I love the reboot too, but even then all I wanted was a true sequel to the characters and world which had been so wonderfully built before then. Also, that music rocks, eh?



Persona Dancing Localisations


I knew that these would come eventually, but there’s no hiding my excitement when Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight were revealed. As a big fan of both games, especially the third one, and with further hints that a collector’s edition and more will be revealed soon (c’mon, Persona 4: Dancing All Night for PS4), I’m ecstatic to know I’ll be able to play these on my PS4 and Vita early next year.


You could say I’ll be dancing all night under the moon and stars!



Unravel 2 Release


Another Western game?! Fending off many “you’re fired!” letters, I’ve included a second Western game because I love Unravel so damn much. I sung the first game’s praises when it was released, and I loved seeing how passionate Martin Sahlin was about the game and about its adorable protagonist, Yarny. I never expected a sequel but it’s happening and it has co-op! Unravel 2 may already be out and I’ve yet to play it, but you can bet I will be playing it soon.



There were a lot of good things at this year’s E3 but not all of them can make the list! I don’t do honourable mentions, so you’ll have to voice off in the comments below with your agreement or disappointment, and on what your own top 5 list would be!

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