Mobile Persona 5 spinoff Code Name: X announced

Because Persona 5 characters appearing in multiple mobile games seemingly wasn’t enough, a brand new mobile title based on the IP is now in development by Perfect World Games.

According to Daniel Ahmad, Perfect World was initially describing Code Name: X as being based on a “famous JRPG IP”, though it has since been confirmed that, yes, this is a Persona related title.

Other than the announcement trailer and a couple of character bios via the official website, not much else is known about the game — well, other than it’s currently only being planned for release in China.

However, unlike most mobile titles based on popular IPs, Code Name: X seems to be going for its own spin on the style and themes of Persona 5, rather than being a direct adaption. It’s definitely still using areas from the original game though, as spotted by Twitter user @Bl4azePT.

There’s no guarantee that Code Name: X will ever receive an official English release, but being related to Persona does somewhat increase its chances of coming west eventually.

As more info is revealed, we’ll be able to find out just how different this game will end up being from its source material.

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