Assassination Classroom, Eden of the East & Zeta Gundam Blu-ray Details Revealed

Anime Limited have recently revealed their plans for their upcoming Blu-ray releases of Assassination Classroom and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam as well as announce the release of a Premium Edition for the Eden of the East TV Series.


For starters Anime Limited revealed that Assassination Classroom would be released in two half-season sets with Part 1, which is currently scheduled for release on the 30th May 2016, will be released as a Limited Edition set containing a chipboard artbox alongside artcards and a replica of the student handbook. This first part of Assassination Classroom will contain episodes 1 – 11 in both English and Japanese as well as on disc extras including the OVA Episode, Textless Songs and Cast Interviews.


It’s expected that Anime Limited will release Part 2 of Assassination Classroom on Blu-ray later this year; but further details will most likely be confirmed at the upcoming MCM Comic Con Event.



Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam on the other hand, which is the sequel to the previously released Mobile Suit Gundam, will also be released in two half-season sets with the first part, which is currently due for release on the 29th August 2016, coming with its own chipboard artbox.


Unlike the artbox included with Assassination Classroom – Part 1 This artbox will only be limited to 1,000 units and, just like with Mobile Suit Gundam, will allow both parts of the season to be placed inside the box to offer the impression that you own the complete series in a single box.




Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Part 1 will feature the first 25 episodes of the series in both English and Japanese while Part 2, which is expected to be released later in the year, will feature the remaining episodes of the series. On disc content on the otherh and will be limited to just textless opening and closing songs of the series.


Finally Anime Limited have announced that they would be releasing Eden of the East, which was previously licensed by Manga Entertainment UK, as a Premium Edition Blu-ray set within the UK. No specific details have been mentioned but it will contain the entire series, in both English and Japanese, and come with some exclusive content.




One would also expect for this Premium Edition to be released a chipboard box similar to their Terror in Resonance and Full Metal Panic Ultimate Edition sets; but as mentioned more details will be revealed in due course.



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