Moero Chronicle looks all kinds of sexy

Ever heard of Genkai Totsuki: Monster Monpiece? It’s a PS Vita TCG with some… er… interesting gameplay mechanics. I did a little piece on it a while back, right here. Compile Heart’s sequel Genkai Totsuki: Moero Chronicle seems to be ditching the card elements in favour of a 3D dungeon RPG. 


More importantly, Moero Chronicle looks like it’s retaining Monster Monpiece’s signature mechanic – where you tilt your PS Vita on its side for a full length view of the game’s many girls, whereupon you can poke, prod and otherwise rub the girl into a frenzy.


moero chronicle


I’m assuming that this will work as a means of powering up the girls in the same way that this was the means of powering up your cards in Monpiece.


‘But what about the plot’ I hear you cry – because THAT’S what you’re here for, right? Well, you take control of lead character ‘Io’ – a kid who, apparently, hates himself because he can’t talk to girls and believes he’s some kind of pervert (yes, really). His best and only friend in the whole world is his childhood friend Lilia – a ‘monster girl’.


Moero Chronicle battle


This turns out to be rather unfortunate as, when natural disasters begin to strike the land, Monster Girls become aggressive to humans – at which point Io sets of to investigate.


Compile heart describe Moero Chronicle as a ‘pinching, rubbing and panty-wearing’ RPG. If I had to take a wild stab in the dark as to where the pinching and rubbing comes in, I suspect you’ll ‘collect’ monster girls in the dungeons and then use them in battle. Molesting them between battles to power them up – like Pokemon, then. Only filthier.


Hell, even I’m not sure how I feel about that.*

Genkai Totsuki Moero chronicle 4


That’s pretty much all we know for the time being other than the artwork is being fronted by Katsuyuki ‘Agarest War’ Hirano. It’s due for release on the 24th of April in Japan – Christ only knows when we’ll see it over here…


In the meantime, take a look at what is, arguably, the finest boxart you’ll ever see. This is the kind of approach to boxart that I can totally get behind.


If you’ll pardon the expression.


moero chronicle has awesome boxart



*Who am I kidding.

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