Fanservice filled dungeon crawler Moero Crystal H releases September 17

If you like your dungeon crawlers full of monster girls and heavy fanservice, then this is the game for you. Moero Crystal H is bringing its own brand of monster collection to the Switch next month.

Moero Crystal H is part of the Genkai Tokki series, which includes Moero Chronicle and Monster Monpiece. This “Hyper” release boasts improved HD visuals compared to the vita original, plus all DLC characters.

For a taste of what the game has to offer, check out eastasiasoft’s new trailer.

Moero Crystal H will be available September 17 for Switch, and digital pre-loads start a week before on September 10. It will be $39.99/€39.99/£34.99, with a 10% launch discount. Physical copies will also release at the same time, available exclusively from Play-Asia.

A description of Moero Crystal H via eastasiasoft:

Take the role of “Lucky Pervert” Zenox as he embarks on a mission to retrieve the Bra of Darkness from a mysterious thief who’s corrupting monster girls throughout the land.

In this enhanced “Hyper” version of first-person dungeon RPG Moero Crystal, encounter and recruit more than 80 monster girls, including all previous DLC characters, in remastered HD presentation and subtitled in English for the first time!

Free the monster girls from the darkness afflicting them and win their affection through “Loving Scratch” mode. This time, “Double Scratch” can even be performed with two monster girls simultaneously!

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