Monster Boy Is Back After 21 Years

Everyone’s favorite Sega blue haired mascot is back in Monster Boy. Ok, so Wonder Boy wasn’t ever as popular as Sonic, but the series was one that many still hold dear in their heart.




It has been 21 years since the excellent Monster World IV, a game that got an English release just in 2012. Now finally thanks to FDG Entertainment the series will continue with Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a spiritual successor to Wonder Boy in Monster World. Ryuichi Nishizawa the chief publisher of Westone Bit Entertainment is aboard the project so you can expect it to be faithful to the originals.


The trailer for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom showcases some fantastic visuals. The game is super colorful and features high definition 2D artworks with absolutely superb animations, almost as if you were watching a remastered episode of your favorite cartoon.


Monster Boy Announcement - aztec_temple


The game will have you exploring a huge world with tons of different locations. You will be able to transform into 5 different types of creatures; a snake, lion, frog, pig, and dragon; each of which has a different set of skills.


The game was initially known as Monster boy and the Wizard of Booze, but unsurprisingly has now been renamed to Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, though I still hope there is a wizard and booze in the game somewhere. At least we still have the smoking pig.


Monster Boy Announcement - pig smoking Monster Boy Announcement - pig_smoke_mastersystem



Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is coming in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC, while other platforms are likely to be announced in the future.


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