Monster Hunter Generations Release Confirmed in Nintendo Direct Leak? Monster Hunter Generations x Fire Emblem Crossover UPDATE: True

Ahead of tonight’s 10pm Nintendo Direct it seems that a Monster Hunter Generations release has been confirmed. reported on a Nintendo Direct leak, and they’ve had trustworthy leaks before. In addition NerdLeaks have found a trademark for the title. But what is Monster Hunter Generations? UPDATE: True


monster-hunter-x Monster Hunter Generations Release


The smart money is on this being the localised title for Monster Hunter X (as in “Cross”), the latest Monster Hunter that released for 3DS late last year in Japan. The game was all about mixing together the unique offerings of all four numbered titles in the series to date, so Monster Hunter Generations would be a pretty fitting title. As is Monster Hunter Cross to be fair, but everyone would call it X like they do with Project X Zone. Also, remember all your childhood friends who called Final Fantasy X “Final Fantasy Ex”? Such casuals.


nintendo-direct-leak Monster Hunter Generations Release


There’s also a folder in the leak labelled Monster Hunter Generations x Fire Emblem. Considering Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is a thing that’s happened it’s not out of the question that it could be some bizarre full crossover game, but given how much Monster Hunters has awesome crossover items, costumes, quests and everything with other game series, it could easily just be an announcement that Monster Hunter Generations will have some Fire Emblem stuff in it.


Either way both Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem are fantastic series, so seeing them come together is great.

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