Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild hits Netflix next month

Capcom and Netflix have announced that Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild will be available from August 12, 2021.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is an hour-long Netflix original film, starring Monster Hunter: World’s Excitable A-Lister (now known as Aiden). Set years before the events of World, Aiden teams up with experienced hunter Geralt Julius to save his village from an incoming Elder Dragon.

Story synopsis via Nextflix:

Humans, nature, and giant monsters coexist in the world while maintaining a careful balance.

A young man named Aiden who calls himself a hunter protects his isolated village. One day, he learns that his village is threatened by the Elder Dragon, a monster cloaked in mystery. Needing to find a way to save his village, Aiden leaves his home and sets off on a journey into the unknown alongside Julius, a first-rate and member of the Hunter’s Guild, and his companions…

Despite some odd character designs — that Felyne looks kinda creepy — Legends of the Guild at least seems to be sticking closer to its source material than the last film.

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