Monster Hunter Rise adds Okami’s Amaterasu this week

The Capcom collab events in Monster Hunter Rise continue with the inclusion of Okami’s Amaterasu as palamute layered armour on July 30.

While the Amaterasu layered armour wont make use of Okami’s iconic visual style, it’s still good to see Capcom acknowledge the game in some form.

This collab event doesn’t come with any hunter weapons or armour, though Insect Glaive users do at least have access to an appropriate brush-themed weapon already.

As shown at the end of the event trailer, further Capcom DLC will be arriving during 2021 — collab 3 is in August, with two more following during Autumn.

Free content is decent enough. However, Rise has lacked the substantial events that Monster Hunter World received over the years. At the moment, it looks like there wont be any more content outside of minor DLC updates until the game’s inevitable expansion.

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