Monster Hunter Rise features healing snails

If I told you to picture the Monster Hunter franchise, your mind would probably go straight to the Rathalos, the Diablos, or another of the series’ iconic, ferocious beasts. You probably wouldn’t think of snails.

But I believe the smaller, endemic life that could be found throughout Monster Hunter World was equally important to fleshing out that game’s setting, making it feel like a real, living ecosystem.

Monster Hunter Rise looks to be expanding the importance of these little critters. It recently announced the existence of “Hunting Helpers”, creatures that hunters can capture and then deploy in the field to assist them.

The first that’s been shown is the “Escuregot” (Escargot + cure), a little green snail with a conical shell, which appears to release some kind of healing mist. Cute!

Presumably, there’ll be plenty of other hunting helpers in the game. This seems like a fairly straightforward (though pretty useful) one which the creator’s are using to introduce the concept.

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