Monster Hunter Rise Ver. 3.0 launches May 27

Even more content is coming to Monster Hunter Rise with the launch of Ver. 3.0 on May 27.

Capcom revealed the news today during its Monster Hunter May Digital Event, detailing a few of the things being added to Rise tomorrow.

Two monsters were revealed, Crimson Glow Valstrax and Apex Zinogre. Crimson Glow Valstrax is a variant of Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate’s flagship monster, which retains its ability to rocket around at high speeds. Meanwhile — as with monster Apex monsters since Ver 2.0 — Apex Zinogre will make its appearance in both hub and rampage quests.

A brief teaser for Monster Hunter Rise’s new story content was also shown, though we didn’t get a look at what the final boss will be.

Major updates to the game will slow down after the release of 3.0, though there will still be smaller monthly patches. These will include new DLC and event quests, with multiple Capcom collabs planned for the coming months. Starting off the collab events will be some new Monster Hunter Stories 2-themed layered armour in June.

Between tomorrow’s update and Ver. 2.0, Monster Hunter Rise has added a significant amount of content for players to enjoy. Though, the rate at which it was released might have only been possible due to the initial launch of the game being unfinished — this was most noticeable with the massive cliffhanger the hub quests ended on.

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