Monster Hunter World Events Return With Spring Blossom Festival

If you’ve missed out on any Monster Hunter World events, then now’s your chance to take them on thanks to the Spring Blossom festival! Starting today and wrapping up on 19th April, players can tackle any previous events as well as a few new ones.


monster hunter world events


You can replay the Street Fighter V Ryu event, the Horizon: Zero Dawn (which is exclusive to PS4) and more, and who knows when they’ll return next! You’ll get two daily login tickets instead of one whilst the festival continues, and you can take in all of the pleasant sights of the redecorated Gathering Hub – even the employees are getting in on the fun!


There are new outfits to unlock for you and your Poogie, as well as firework items to set off and enjoy. Limited edition food, quests and an outfit for the Handler will be made available too, alongside new paid for gesture DLC.


monster hunter world events 1


The Spring Blossom festival runs until 19th April, so make sure to collect all of the gear that you want soon!

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