Monster Hunter XX Switch Gets Breath of the Wild Crossover, Which I Can’t Have Because It’s Still Not Coming West

But, hey, at least the Switch is pleasingly region free. Stacking on top of the previously announced Skyrim x Zelda crossover DLC for the Switch’s Elder Scrolls port, Monster Hunter XX is also getting a crossover with Breath of the Wild. Watch the trailer and try not to cry that no Monster Hunter XX western release has been announced yet.



Wrapped up in the Breath of the Wild Link outfit, the hunter looks right at home slashing away with sword and shield, and using the bow that played such a large role in BotW — even replicating the jump shoot from that initial BotW reveal trailer all that time ago.


Of particular note is watching the hunter climb a sheer cliff in Link’s outfit — climbing being a hallmark of both series. It’s great to see them mash together like that. Cooking is another important feature both games share.



On top of that, there will also be other Zelda additions to the game. Your Felyne friends will also be able to wear a deku outfit, and another hunter appears to be rocking the more traditional green tunic Link design too.



Monster Hunter XX is the enhanced version of Monster Hunter X, which released over here as Monster Hunter Generations. However, there has been stubborn resistance to announcing any sort of port of Monster Hunter XX, from the original 3DS release to the HD Switch version.



Monster Hunter XX Switch is available in Japan already, and the Switch is region free, so you could import if you want. But we might be waiting a long time for any official English language release if it ever comes. We may just have to wait for Monster Hunter World instead.

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